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Norm Elchert, Treasurer

I am a proud graduate of Lakota Schools.  I grew up in this district and have worked here in a variety of different roles prior to becoming treasurer, including Principal, Teacher, & Coach.  My wife (95’ Alum) and I live in the district and have two boys who love attending school here. This is a great community to raise a family in because of the wonderful people who live in the district and support our schools.  It is a great place to get an education because of the wonderful staff we have here.  I am very fortunate to serve this district as Treasurer and will always strive to find ways to efficiently and effectively use tax payer dollars.


Elaine Chalfin, Asst. Treasurer – Budgetary & CCIP

I have worked in the Treasurer’s office at Lakota for 12 years, with 11 of them being in payroll – from 1995 through 2005 and also 2016 through the present.  I have lived in the Lakota district since 1990; my husband Scott, as well as both of my sons, are graduates of Lakota. It has been awesome to see all of the positive changes at Lakota through the years.   I have enjoyed serving the staff and community at Lakota Schools; it is a wonderful community to be a part of!




Cam Moroschan, Asst. Treasurer – Payroll

I am a proud graduate of the Lakota Class of ’81.  I have lived in the district my entire life.   I have worked at Lakota for over 22 years, most recently as the Assistant Treasurer, Payroll.  I enjoy working with the great students and staff at Lakota.  We have an awesome school that I am very happy to be a part of.  My parents also attended Lakota as did my children.  Alyssia Graber was in the Class of ’03 and Bryan Moroschan was in the Class of ‘06.  My greatest joy is my four grandchildren.  We love to go to the races, swim, take RV trips, and play.




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