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Updates from the District


The Lakota Local School district is working hard to answer questions surrounding our Raider Restart initiative. Please submit any questions you may have using the Submit a Question form. As questions begin to come in, we will do our best to answer them in the FAQs section you will find on this page. We thank you in advance for your patience as we prioritize the safety of our students, staff, and community.

Getting Back to School

Yes, the intent is to have a virtual Open House.  There will be more details to come.

The student would be assigned the same teacher unless the classes need to be balanced.

When making the decision regarding the online at home option vs attending school at Lakota, I believe it should be based on safety concerns rather than the educational programming. We strongly believe attending Lakota provides a better educational experience than any online program.  The online option is appropriate for families who have health and safety concerns regarding their child or members of your household.

The school supply lists are on the Lakota web page.

We are reviewing the supply list to ensure no students will be sharing supplies.

 There is no option for online preschool. Please email Cam Moroschan to withdraw your child.

The teacher and class information will be available in ProgressBook. An announcement will be made when the information has been loaded into the system. Open House information will be available the week of August 24.

We will follow all recommendations from the health department.

Face Coverings

If the student is able to wear a face shield, they will need to do so. You will also have the option of online at home learning.

All students are required to wear a face-covering.

The Raider Restart Plan is built with flexibility in mind. We will continue to look for ways to improve the plan with safety as the priority.  The feedback we received regarding the initial general overview was having all students wear masks is the safest practice regarding the mask policy.  Our teachers of our youngest students understand the issues and distractions wearing a face covering may cause. The teachers will find a balance of providing mask breaks when social distancing can be maintained.  We will also look at the individual needs of the students.

All students will need to wear a face covering (mask or shield). We will honor a doctor’s note if, for a medical reason, a student can’t wear a mask or shield.

The school will furnish the paper masks such as those used in hospitals. Families are encouraged to provide their own masks which the students feel most comfortable and can be washed and reused.

As long as the nose and mouth are covered, it is an acceptable alternative.

We understand wearing a mask may be difficult for some of our students. Face shields and mask breaks when the 6 foot social distancing can be maintained, will be permitted.

Face coverings are required. Masks are preferred and face shields and gators are acceptable.


We are not going to be able to maintain social distancing on the buses. Face-coverings are required and students from the same household will be required to sit together. Every attempt will be made to limit one student per seat but students will need to sit together. Students will be given and required to wear a mask when riding the bus.

This would be an additional responsibility for our drivers who are responsible for safely transporting our students. The second issue is what would we do with a student with a temperature. If it is a group bus pick up and the student is in kindergarten, we can’t just send them home without knowing a parent is there.


Students who are quarantined or are sick for an extended period of time will continue working with their Lakota teachers through Google Classroom. Although it may not eliminate all makeup work, the goal is to keep the students engaged and working on their classwork when at home.

Yes, they are being adjusted.  The final changes have not been shared with us as of this time.

The students would be counted as an excused absence from school.  However, they would use Google Classroom to keep up with the assignments from their Lakota classes.

Daily Procedures

We are planning on offering recess and physical education classes for our students.  There will be safety modifications in order to have these activities.

The goal is to make the playground accessible during recess.  We are adjusting the schedule to lower the number of students on the playground at one time and we are looking at alternative recess activities when the students are outside.

Yes, we will be providing breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria.

We will have guidelines regarding the school protocol for sick students.

Students will wear face covering during class exchanges, when waiting in line for their food, and returning their trays and throwing away their garbage. Students will not need to wear a face-covering when eating or drinking. Students will be limited to four students per table for lunch.  Additional tables will be added on the stage.

We are looking at options in order to check all students’ temperature.  Factors include cost, number of staff to manage, and how long it will take.

Yes, they may bring lunch from home.  The microwave will not be available for student use.

The expectation is all of our students will use Lakota laptops.  The main reason is for our tech department to support and fix any technical issues that may arise.  We will only address technical issues from Lakota issued laptops.

Hybrid Scheduling Plan

The first alert level we will look at is the alert level of Sandusky county. When making decisions regarding going to a hybrid (50%) model or total remote learning, we will look at the alert levels of Wood and Seneca county. We will be in direct communication with the Sandusky County Health Department.

This is an option we have with our plan. The option would be used if the county was at a high alert level as well as other factors that will be considered. The option will not automatically happen if the county is Red, but it is a factor.

Yes, Google Classroom will be used by all of the Lakota teachers and live face to face sessions as well as recordings will be used. We are committed to improving our remote learning instruction.

The shortest notice would be an announcement on a Friday that the Hybrid schedule would be implemented the upcoming week.

100% Online Learning Option (Raider Academy)

Please go to the Raider Restart page at and select Learn About Raider Academy. You will find the sign up information there.

Yes, this is an option. The deadline to enroll is August 13, 2020 and it is a first semester commitment.

You have until August 13 to decide if the online option is best for your child’s needs. It is a one semester commitment.  At the end of the semester, you can choose to return or continue with the online option for the remainder of the school year.

The online learning is through SchoolsPLP; it is not a Lakota teacher.  Lakota teachers may be responsible for grading the student’s work.

No, SchoolsPLP is the platform that will host this option. The curriculum is all online and it is not led by Lakota teachers.  Two 10 minute video examples will provide examples of the program. The information is on the school webpage under the Raider Academy.

The students can complete the lessons at their own pace.

You do not need to follow the Lakota supply list if you choose online learning.

Yes, each student would be issued a laptop.

Please view the sample videos on the Raider Academy page on the website.  Students will have written and video lessons to follow in order to complete their assignments.

All students who enrolled will be accepted.

We are not offering an online preschool option.  Ms. Kramer, the preschool teacher, will provide activities for the preschool students in the event we go remote.  If we are in the 50% hybrid model, the students will still attend preschool their assigned two days a week.

There are supplies that may be needed for each course. The course description for each class will list the supplies needed.

Extra Curriculars and Other Activities

As athletics are an option, there is a waiver to participate.  There is no waiver to attend school.

We will be able to offer band and choir. The social distancing for choir will need to be increased. We are putting plans in place to offer both.

The Washington DC trip has been rescheduled for June 2-4.  We will assess the appropriateness of the trip in the spring.

Vanguard/College Credit Plus

If Vanguard goes to a hybrid 50% option, the Lakota Vanguard students will attend school Thursday and Friday.

Raider Resources

Our goal is to provide resources for our staff, students, and parents so that they can be as informed as possible moving into the school year. Please continue to check back as we develop and share helpful videos, informational guides, and other content.