Nurse’s Corner

Emergency Medical Information:

Please remember to notify the school of any updates or changes to your child’s emergency medical information.

It is vital for your child’s safety that we are made aware of changes to the following:

  • medical condition(s)
  • home phone number
  • work phone number
  • physician’s name
  • physician’s phone number


Information for Students Requiring Medicine:

If a student is required to take medicine during the school day (by a physician’s order), please follow the procedures in the following document:

Administration of Medicine (Policy and Form for Physician)

If the parent would like to request non-prescribed medication be given by school personnel, please follow the procedures in the following document:

Non-Prescribed Medication by School Personnel (Policy and Form for Parent)

Immunization Summary for School Attendance:

Immunizations Fall 2019

Information for Parents about Specific Medical Conditions:

When is Your Child Too Sick to go to School?

Asthma and Anaphylaxis Treatment

Talking to Kids About Bird Flu

When Should You Schedule an Eye Exam

Flu Shots

What is Influenza?

Information and Support for Families with Mental Illness

MRSA (from the CDC)

Pandemic Flu

Reyes Syndrome


Community Resources — Contact Information:

Sandusky County Sandusky County Resources
Seneca County

Seneca County Resources

Seneca County Resource Directory

Wood County

Wood County Resources

Wood County Job and Family Services

Northwest Ohio or Surrounding Area Mental Health Resources