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Pre-paid Lunch System:

Parents may send in money (or pay online) for student lunches.  The students will enter their 5 digit code when they go through the lunch line.  The student’s picture will be seen on the screen to verify that the correct pin number was entered.  Money will then be deducted from their account.

As a parent, you:

  • will have the ability to monitor purchases and add money online at the website above.
  • may send in any amount of money to deposit into your child’s account.
  • may write one check for all children attending school, but indicate on your envelope or pre-pay deposit form who you would like the money to go to and how much should be placed in each account.
  • may restrict your child’s purchases to lunch only by noting this on your envelope or payment form.

Change will not be given out at any time, even through the lunch line.  If the student gives the cashier money that exceeds the cost of their purchase, the extra money will be automatically placed into the student’s account.

When the child’s balance falls below $10.00, students will be notified through the lunch line.  If the account continues to decline, a reminder note will be sent home with the student so that money can be deposited back into the student’s account.  Parents may also sign up to receive an e-mail notification when the balance reaches a specific level, through the online system above.

Students in K-4 will turn in money as they currently do, to their homeroom teacher.  Students in grades 5-12 will turn in money to the cashiers in the auditeria first thing in the morning.

When making a payment at school:

  • place money in an envelope and clearly note who the money is for and how much for each student.
  • checks should be made out to Lakota Local School.  Again, it is important that you indicate who the money is for and how much each child gets.

Student balances will be allowed to run $5.00 in the red before they are suspended from the system.  Once the account has money in it, they will be allowed to use their pin.

At the end of the school year, any amounts in a student account less than $20.00 will be rolled over into the next school year.  Any amount over $20.00 will be rolled over unless a refund is requested.  Balances in graduating senior and withdrawing student accounts will be refunded.

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