Board of Education

Mailing Address:
Lakota Local Schools
Board of Education
5200 County Road 13
Kansas, Ohio  44841

Board Members:

Chris Chalfin, Board President  419-457-6415

Barb Lehmann, Vice President  419-638-2004

Tim Woodruff, Board Member  419-457-4358

Fred Keith, Board Member  419-575-4271

Kurt Brewer, Board Member  419-619-3165

Board Representatives:

  • OSBA Legislative Liaison — Fred Keith
  • Student Achievement Representative — Tim Woodruff
  • Audit and Finance Committee Representatives — Chris Chalfin and Fred Keith
  • Records Committee Representatives — Chris Chalfin and Fred Keith
  • Vanguard-Sentinel JVS Representative — Barb Lehmann


Board Meetings: 

Lakota Board of Education meetings are held at 7:00 pm (unless noted below) in the Staff Dining Room at the Lakota Local School Building. The meetings are open to the public.

The regular meetings of the Lakota Board of Education:

*November 9, 2020
*December 14, 2020
*January 11, 2021

Meeting Agenda

*Note: not the third Monday of the month

Please note:  The meeting date, time, and place are subject to change.  The local media will be notified of changes in advance.


Board Minutes 2020-2021:

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes for 2020-21 School Year

Board Highlights/Board Minutes January 2016-July 2020:

Monthly Board Highlights/Minutes for Years Prior

Negotiated Agreement: 

LEA Negotiated Agreement 2018-2021

OAPSE Negotiated Agreement 2018-2021