8th Grade Trip Information…

Washington D.C. Trip 2020-2021

Unfortunately, we will not be taking the trip in June (the last three days of school) with our current eighth graders.  

We have waited to see what was going to happen with the pandemic and because of how it is progressing, cancelling the trip is the safest option for us.  There is just no way to socially distance on a bus, in a hotel, and many of the locations that we visit are closed due to COVID-19.  
It is disheartening knowing that this class won’t be able to go.  We always enjoy taking the students on this trip, for the mere fact of the hands-on/visual learning that takes place outside of the classroom.  

Prodigy Student Travel will be retaining $49.50 per the policy passed out during the parent meeting (also on the school website).  Everything else will be refunded to you.  If you have any questions about the individual refund policy, please contact the company.  Lakota Local Schools nor myself has anything to do with the refund.  It was a contract that each parent entered into with the company, not the school district, when you signed your child up on the website and made the deposit. All refunds will be sent out by next Friday, January 22nd. 

This trip will not be rescheduled for next year.  Thank you and if you have any additional questions not regarding payment, please send them my way!

Mrs. Henry

The trip has been MOVED to June 2-4, 2021.  These new dates are the last three days of school.  We do have a full bus (active list) and everything on the itinerary has remained the same.
These are the new payment dates now: 
Fri., February 21, 2021: 50% of balance due
Fri., April 23, 2021: 50% of balance due (final payment)
I have also changed some dates on the information I went over at the parent meeting.  Besides the dates, all of the information presented is still in place. 
If there are any medical concerns that you have for your child, please notify Mrs. Henry by January 31st, 2021.  


  • Each student/family is responsible for payment of the trip.  The school is not responsible for any payments.  Please do not send payments to the school.  Send them to the company.

  • Make payments on time.  The company is strict about this.  If you cannot make a payment on time, it is your responsibility to contact Prodigy.

  • If your student is not paid in full by Friday, April 23rd, they will be removed from the active list and put on the waiting list.  Students who are paid in full on the waiting list, will be moved up to the active list.  Your child will only be moved back up to the active list if your amount is paid in full and a spot opens back up.

Please take the time to read over the new documents attached.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks!